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Divorce can be a trying time for many adults. Not only are you grieving the end of your marriage, but the future may seem uncertain as your relationship with your children and finances changes. At Allan Law Group, based in St. Louis, I have been representing clients in divorce and related family law matters for 45 years and understand the hands-on support and knowledgeable advice needed to get you through this challenging time.

Experienced lawyer provides compassionate, comprehensive counsel in divorce cases

Whether you are the spouse filing for divorce or responding, have an uncontested divorce or cannot agree on issues, I will be at your side every step of the way to help protect your interests and accomplish your goals. As your trusted adviser, you can count on me throughout the process to aggressively represent you at the negotiating table or in the courtroom to reach a fair agreement while providing the professional support you need during this tough time.

Family lawyer capably negotiates child custody and visitation

Protecting your rights as a parent and your child’s time with you is one of the most important aspects of any divorce. The Missouri courts tend towards splitting time equally between the parents but will consider a number of factors when deciding what it is in the best interests of the child, including the child’s preference and the mental/physical health of the parents. To understand your needs, desires and the facts that may affect the custody determination, I will listen closely to you then work to create a parenting plan that outlines the visitation and legal and physical custody arrangement you seek.

Reputable lawyer provides sound advice on child support issues

In Missouri, the law states that both parents have a duty to support their children financially. While the state relies on child support guidelines to determine support, there are many factors taken into account, such as the resources of the parents, the needs of the child and their previous standard of living as well as the custody arrangement. I will make sure your circumstances are best presented to help the court reach a fair determination and can also assist in enforcement issues and modifications of support as your or your spouse’s situation changes. 

Trusted advisory provides alimony representation

In some divorces, spousal support is awarded based on the financial circumstances of the divorcing parties, including their ownership of property and ability to provide for themselves through employment. Unlike child support, there are no alimony guidelines. Instead, the court will consider the length of the marriage, standard of living established and age and earning capacity of the spouse seeking support. The judge can also make the order modifiable or nonmodifiable as well as specify the duration, so there are many moving parts. Since so many factors come into play, I will present a strong case on your behalf.

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